Eden University Appoints Macky 2 As Ambassador & Offer Him Scholarship

Eden University has appointed Award Winning Artist and Kopala Swag boss Macky 2 as their new brand ambassador.

This information came to light when the University’s shared a live feed via their Facebook page. However Macky 2 has also earned himself a Scholarship to study for a diploma in business management and leadership. During a press briefing which was held in Lusaka, the rapper also thanked the University for the opportunity they have offered him, he also highlighted that educating him will contribute to the arts industry in Zambia.
Mr Kaira further added that it’s not only about entertaining people it’s also about informing, educating, and inspiring people. How can you educate when you’re not educated and obviously education is not only about school, it’s every single day we strive to better ourselves to learn.

They say knowledge is power, so everyday we try and get as much education as possible. Music is not a hobby to some of us, it’s a business that feeds our families and it contributes to the growth of our country. Everything we’ve learnt about America, China, all these other countries we have known through art. Through movies and music, he said.

We at 9Flavour would love to Congratulate Mr Kaira and wish him well in all his future en devours!

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